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Rearing Up A Child

A few experienced friends advised me “both parents should agree to only one statement when a child is wrong”. Both should say the same thing. Both should be firm with NO when it is a no. But not in our case.

I understand. Deye is a daddy’s girl. And to compliment with that, D tends to be so lenient with her, no matter what. D would always take her side. He tells me that I’m so strict with her. That she’s too small to understand things. Don’t scold her. Talk to her. I do. But either way, it doesn’t work at times. Because she knows that Dada is there to take her side.

When she does something wrong, I make her sit in the corner. Then I talk to her why Mama had to do that. Believe me! At her age (17 months and 2 weeks), she wouldn’t look at me as if I don’t exist at all! She would look at the opposite direction and keeps herself busy in any way. She won’t even cry. She’s a tough little one! She would imitate my actions when I get upset on her.

D scolds her too but that only happens once in a blue moon. And it wouldn’t even last a minute. He would comfort her right away.

Of course, as a mother, I feel guilty too after every scolding. But I try not to be transparent. I also feel sorry whenever I raise my voice on her. I hardly spend time with her coz I have to be at work all day long. And I don’t want to spend that little time scolding her.

All I want is for her to know the difference between right and wrong, now. Not later when there is no more room for Mama to straighten things up.

While I was writing this… Mommy Dine shared her thoughts, her experience and the outcome. Now, I’m torn in between! Hahaha!

Thanks Mommy Dine! I’ll remember every word you just said!

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  • noemi

    Ay my husband used to have different methods of discipline. So it was hard. It’s good you established an understanding from the start. Yes I felt so bad when I scold my kids but it has to be done. Today they tell me they appreciate that they didn’t grow up to be bratty kids . You’re doing the right thing


  • SexyMom

    you’re learning, dear…you know your child more than anyone else. don’t worry. the bottom line is, you are doing this out of love. soon, you will know in your heart of hearts how to deal with this situation. there is no set formula, no formula cast in stone for parenting and disciplining a child.


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