Recent Conversations With Deye

Conversation 1

Each time my husband ends his chat with me, he’d say “hug Deye for me” first. Last night, after our chat Deye got up from sleep. So I told her:

Me : Deye, Dada said “hug Deye for me” *hugging her at the same time* Deye : *looking at me, wondering maybe….*

This morning she woke me up with her hugs, so I hugged her back… Suddenly she uttered

Mama, are you Dada?

LOL! Just because I hugged her, she thinks I’m her Dada hahaha!

Conversation 2

Beginning yesterday, we started a new potty training routine, once in a while I ask her if she wants to make wee wee, but this time I still put her diapers on . And everytime I take her to the bathroom and let her sit on her potty, I make a wee wee sound like “sssssshhhh shhhhhh”, I think it works (compliments to my husband for he was the one who gave these ideas heehee!). Everytime she does, I would always say “Very good Deye!”. This morning she did it again, made wee wee and kaka at the same time. When she’s done, I told her “Okay, it’s Mama’s turn”. While I was sitting on the toilet bowl, she made a wee wee sound as well. As soon as she heard me passed wee wee, she also said “Very good Mama!” Hahaha! True! They copy every single word that we say to them…

Conversation 3

My brother has this habit of leaving and keeping his perfume in one of the compartments of our TV stand. While I was dressing her up, I saw her cologne inside it. I took it and there she said Mama, you will put cologne for Deye in Papa’s boutique? I’m sure she meant if I’m going to use the cologne for Deye from my brother’s boutique – that compartment hahahaha! Btw, she calls my brother Papa. :p And I’m also sure it was my brother who taught her that word boutique….

Mitch Carvalho

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  1. kids say the funniest things noh?:) haiii sana mkausap ko na si Joshua so I can post conversations with him na!

    Very Good Mama! ehehe


  2. ahahahaha and all questions need answering pa talaga noh! ahahaha ^_^
    uy changed my header na pla,. c0me see!!!

    ur the best it looks perfect!


  3. Sinabi mo pa…. Actually dun ako kinakabahan sa mga baka di ko masagot na questions nya…

    Saw it na… Looks good! Btw, I sent you an email….


  4. Hi Ana! Long time no hear huh!?

    Kakatuwa nga yang bata na yan, napakadaldal! Marunong na dn mangatwiran, sa Tagalog pa minsan.

    We’re still struggling though…


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