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Rules Of This Tag:

1. Link back the person who tagged you and write what was the movie his/her family enjoyed watching recently.

2. Now your turn to tell about the movie your family had just watched.

3. Tell something about the movie and spoilers are accepted (hehehee).

4. Lastly, write anything that has something to do with movies: Trivia, your top choice or favorites and why, your family’s story about your favorite motion pictures, the first film you watched with your husband, any traditional film the family ‘s been keeping etc…etc…

5. Copy and paste the rules of this meme on your blog and pass the tag to as many friends, bloggers and movie lovers you want. Don’t forget to tell them they’re tagged and leave a comment here if you’re done with the task.

Analyse’s family has been overly indulging into Dora the Explorer, Noddy (Oui-Oui), Tom and Jerry and Finding Nemo. Her daughter Louna would normally start with Dora, then minutes later, she would take their DVD case and would look for Noddy, and so on and so forth.

I’d say… Louna and Deye have something in common. My daughter Deye is not into princesses thing, yet.

She only liked one movie so far, that’s the Happy Feet. It was my husband who actually brought that movie home for him. But when Derelle saw it the first time, she began adoring Mumble, the little Penguin. I also liked the movie so we started watching the movies together, again and again. I have also noticed that she enjoys this movie because of the with sing and dance parts, that actually made her memorized one of the Happy Feet’s soundtrack In My Room. She was also attentive when I let her watched The Dancing Princesses, but never asked for it the second time. Unlike Mabush’s movie (that’s how she calls Mumble, the leading character in that movie), she would always asks for it and even mimic him when he dances. She still asks for it, until now….. That is why I have kept a spare copy in our collection.

Let’s see how Nico, Yohan and Dimple will convince their mommies do this meme for them.

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