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Red Envelopes

I know it isn’t Chinese New Year yet but I thought it would be a lot more convenient for me this Christmas to just give cash to my Godchildren. I really don’t have the strength to personally shop for gifts to give away this time, unlike last year kinarir ko talaga including the wrapping and all.

Since my brother is away, I am the assigned Santa Claus for his Godchildren (of course he did send money for that haha!). The upper ones in the photos are his while the down ones are mine. Those are for our Godchildren and nephews/nieces nearby. Not much but sure thing those red envelopes will make them smile.

P.S.  To my Godchildren who are far from Ninang, I will make it up to you when we see each other again heehee!

Sidenotes : Need to do extra assignment re: orlando hotel reservations. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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