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Red Retro Headband

Headbands never go out of fashion. Whether it is there to accessorize or hold one’s hair, it has always been in the market. They come in different designs and sizes, and shapes at times. There was a time when I was so addicted to headbands that I also started a collection.ย Some of them are now used by my daughters. I also owned a piece of red feather headband when it just came out in the market.

In my case, it is not just an accessory to my hair but I basically wear it to hold my unruly hair.


That normally happens when I don’t feel like paying attention to it and leave it just like that after bath, usually when I’m home. That just happened today heehee! I worn a red retro headband going to work. I got this from Pink Dot at Ayala Harbor Point for Php100.00. It’s so comfortable that it is not giving pain behind my ears. I have another one in brown color but I love the red one better.


Do I look years younger than my profile photo here? Please be good to me and leave a comment. *wink*

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