How It Was

02/10/99 After more than 10 hours flight, I finally landed in Bahrain. That was already 1am. Ate Bing from the Agency informed me that there will be someone to fetch me up at the airport holding a placard with my name on it. I looked around. No one was there. Until one guy approached me “Michelle?” I was afraid. I simply checked his uniform, when I saw the company’s logo, I was relieved. He took my bag and brought me to the parking lot. However, there’s still this feeling that what if he’s not the one? Hehehe! I was totally relieved when I finally saw that placard that he was supposed to be carrying with him. It was inside the van. He must have left it there. I was just quiet…. Not even a single word came from my mouth. I was new, what do you expect. Then he started, “here’s your photo, that’s how I recognized you”.

After 30 minutes, he took me inside the Resort and said “this is where you will be working everyday. I’ll get you something to eat before I take you home. It’s just 3 blocks away from here.” I said “okay, thanks!” He handed me a cheese burger and can of coke after few minutes.

We went to the staff accommodation, guided me to where I was supposed to stay. To my dismay, the room was empty. There was no cupboard to unload my stuff. I could only see a bed with bed sheets and 2 pillows on it. I didn’t say a word, but I guess he noticed my disappointment. Guess I was lucky…. There was one room with its light still on at 2am. He knocked her door. It was Ate Detty… she offered that I could spend the nights with her and her flatmate until I get settled.

The next day she was also the one who took me to the HR Office. I was first assigned to work in the General Manager’s Office. At that time, the Secretary was going on vacation, so they thought I could substitute her first. I was so nervous… But I didn’t have the right to say no. Not yet. I spent more than a month over there before I was transferred to the F & B Division, where I met my ex-boyfriend, Mr. D Carvalho

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