December 15, the much awaited day has come. It’s been ages since the last we (see our old photos here) had this chance.


Our house had been our favorite hangout and it’ll always be, I guess. We used to gather here with a bottle of coke, pandesal worth P10 maybe and 4 packs of Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Well, what do you expect, we were all students then.

Unfortunately, Chel and Jeff, only 2 of my (best)friends (among the group these two are the closest to me), made it on that day. Ellen, came later after lunch and wasn’t able to join us at Xtremely Xpresso later that night. Liza and Rey (he’s in the UK) didn’t make it for some reasons.

Anyway, Chel and Jeff came home at around 10am, we had our usual talks, update each other, played with the kids (mine and Chel’s). Around 7:30, we were off to Xtremely Xpresso. It my bes Chel’s treat haha! She’s here for a month vacation. She’s now based in Idaho. Guess, I was lucky this time that we were able to meet again after 5 long years.

Jeff, who came all the way from Pampanga made it this time. The last time I saw him (drop the Blogger’s night haha! I tagged him along with me coz he works in Manila) was 8 years ago. Such a long time huh?


I miss Chel a lot. My bestfriend – through thick and thin. In fact, just this afternoon, we had our lunch date. Updated each other for the nth time – minus Jeff. On Sunday, we are going to Pundaquit (Zambales) and might spend overnight with her family there. It’s going to be fun, I’m sure! I’m excited!

Anyway, so much for this. Need to check on cerebral palsy.

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