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After a long time, I got the chance to finally unwind and get reunited with friends. I was in Manila yesterday and spent the night over at my friend’s house. The main purpose was to get my visa done for India but due to some reasons, I didn’t get it done (I’ll blog about it maybe later).

Since I was already there, I decided to meet with some friends whom I have lost in touch from the day I left the country, 8 years ago….

It was my best bud J (sorry, he’s a camera shy so I can’t post his photo here, well, actually we didn’t have any taken yesterday, I forgot haha! Kidding… actually you can check him on his Friendster wahaha! Akala mo ha lusot ka!) who accompanied me to Dasma Village and spent the day with me looking back the years haha! We didn’t even notice that it was time to go and meet my other friend at Music 21, that I forgot to check on the airbrush that my cousin asked me to check tsk tsk! We went to Greenbelt/Glorietta, MOA and Music 21 hehe! I had a good time parekoy! Wait, let me describe him first para matuwa naman:

J > The wiz. Physics boy of the {4th year HS} class. A graduate of Architecture from University of Sto. Tomas. The first who got married in the group! Man! You surprised me hahaha! Thought you’ll be the last to get married! Settled with his family in Pampanga but recently got a job in Manila.

That’s how we ended up meeting in Manila after a long time. I hope we could meet again in December when Chel comes home. I’m sure it’d be fun, karaoke ulit tayo. You’re always full of surprises, really I didn’t know that you sing very well. You never sang a full song before, the only song I know you’d always sing along with was Rey Valera’s Naaalala Ka. But during those days, we only had a minus-one haha! Di ba?

Anyway, it was nice seeing you again. It would have been better if the whole barkada was there. Still hoping though…

The other friend I met with yesterday was Jeth. Another J huh! She was my college friend. I never thought we’d be friends for long. She didn’t even like me before, she says I’m so intimidating.I’m so glad that you’re soon to tie the knot. I’ll be there in December, I promise….

Along with my best bud J, I invited her to join us in Music 21 along Edsa. The same place where we hung out the last time I saw her, a week before my flight in 1999.

I’m lucky to be surrounded with these two Js last night who share the same interest with me – singing haha! I had a good time, really! May social life na ulit kahit na sandali teehee!

Hope to see you both again soon…

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