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Revitalizing Household Furniture with Seat Cushion Replacement

At some point in time, whether their use is indoors or outdoors, seat cushions wear out and need replacement. Indoor seat cushions on couches and chairs can get a considerable amount of use, wearing cushions down more rapidly. Outdoor seat cushions, though perhaps not used as often, are affected by the weather, and can deteriorate rapidly.

When seat cushions have gotten to the point of no longer being comfortable or functional, people have 2 options to remedy the situation. One option is that they can discard the item and purchase something new. The main drawback here is that a new item can be rather costly, and may not fit in well with the owner’s budget. The other option is to replace seat cushions in the existing item.

Revitalizing household furniture with seat cushion replacement is fast, easy, and can cost much less than purchasing new furniture. Oftentimes, people have an attachment to certain items, and want to keep that item around the home for as long as possible. This is one case in particular that is ideal for cushion replacement.

When electing to replace cushion filling, people will find that they have several options in which to choose from. For indoor furniture, foam filling types include: 

Super Soft Foam: Suggested for regular use, it’s ideal for couch backing cushions. Typical life- 5 years.

Poly Foam: This has medium firmness, and is best for occasional use. Typical life- 1-2 years.

HD36 Foam-Regular: This is a medium foam for regular use, for use in chairs, sofa set cushions, and benches. Typical life- 7 years.

HD36 Foam-High Quality: Medium foam for regular or heavy use, ideal for seat backs, foam seat projects, cushions, chairs, and benches. Typical life- 16 years.

Lux Foam-High Quality: Firm foam for regular or heavy use, ideal for chairs, seat cushions, and benches. Typical life- 16 years.

For outdoor use, Dryfast Foam has large cells that help it to dry quickly, ideal for patio furniture and boat cushions. Its formulation is anti-bacterial, inhibiting growth of micro-organisms like bacteria. Typical life- 5-8 years.

For all varieties of foam needs, customers can find great deals and services from a company that specializes in this field, like The Foam Factory, who will provide superior products and competitive prices, with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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