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RRJ Canvas Shoes

I didn’t know that there’s such word as green shopping. Ah! Forget it! I’m not going to talk about it anyway. Hmmm… but wait it is still about shopping. I went to shop this morning with my brother. Bought him a pair of RRJ canvas shoes so he could take it with him when he leaves this month. I actually wanted to buy it for my husband but had a second thought that he might not like it. Since I am really planning to give something to my brother as an early Christmas gift, I decided to buy a pair for him and show it to my husband over Skype and see if he’ll like it.

Well, he did! So I’m off to buy another pair in the same size tomorrow and my brother will give it to him when he gets there. Bought him a couple of see through camouflage shirts as well. He loves them!

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