C360_2016-08-19-11-40-45-034Just about 3 weeks ago, my 6 y/o daughter was rushed to the hospital and admitted for a week. We suspected it was Dengue due to on and off fever, colds and cough. Her platelet showed 255 to 180 but went higher again 24 hours later. Yet, her fever does not go down even after taking antibiotics and sticks at 39+ despite doing lab tests. Worst, my 10 y/o daughter also nursed a fever  showing similar symptoms. It made me feel more worried that I actually asked the doctor to do a Dengue Test for them immediately. The doctor agreed provided that we wait until midnight, hoping for improvement. That moment she ordered to change antibiotics, and to just continue giving them vitamins (Good thing I also hand-carried their vitamins with us). Thank God, fever has finally gone down to 38.4 and completely settled at normal temperature after few hours. The doctor confirmed it was viral that also triggered another asthma attack for my youngest. After a week, we were sent home.

imagesStrictly, I ordered my daughters to not play with any of their playmates for the time being. The only things they could do were eat, sleep, take rest, and watch TV for limited hours. That was the time when I’ve seen the Ceelin Plus TV commercial again. Everything flashed back on how I panicked that week! Indeed, we are experiencing a climate change which is affecting majority’s health. Sometimes I blame it on the amount of their food intake and the meals that I serve them, that maybe they are not getting enough nutrients for their age. Good thing I never failed giving them Ceelin Plus. This had been their companion eversince they were babies. Despite other vitamin recommendations that my mommy friends give me, I stick with it. Definitely not because of promotional and commercial reasons but just the best combination of Vitamin C and Zinc through ZincPlus Technology, as it provides superior protection from sickness. And when one is sick, it reduces  severity and shortening bout of sickness. I guess no mom would highly doubt a teaspoon of vitamin that is equivalent to 10 glasses of milk or 59 pieces biscuits which kids cannot consume in a day.

If this is the first time you ever heard of Ceelin Plus, here’s a little information for you. Ceelin Plus comes in:

-Ceelin Plus Drops 15ml (P82.00)
-Ceelin Plus Drops 30ml (P114.00)
-Ceelin Plus Syrup 60ml (P78.00)
-Ceelin Plus Syrup 120ml (P140.00)
-Ceelin Plus Syrup 250ml (P237.00) ***
-Ceelin Plus Chewables 100s (P450.00)

Comes in 2 flavors: Apple (drops and syrup), Orange (chewables). Created with PediaTech which provided Ceelin Plus with the most stable Vitamin C and Zinc combination. Available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. Made by Unilab.

*** I’ve always purchased 250ml. enough to cater my kids for 4 weeks. Talk about savings, you’ll never go wrong in buying big sizes!

Trust me, you won’t regret giving this to your kids! With #CeelinPlus, you will get the #ProteksiyongPlus that every mom wishes for!

Before I end my post, let me share with you how my girls enjoy Ceelin Plus each day.

Yes, you’re seeing my eldest in the picture taking charge in giving her sister a teaspoonful of Ceelin Plus. I have already delegated her this task whenever I am busy so we won’t forget. Oh the joy of having girls!


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