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SAHM Hair Tips

If you want a super shiny hair, dilute 1/4 cup of  white vinegar in a cup of water. Rinse through hair after every shampoo. Do it once a week to remove product build up.

For working moms who sometimes do not get enough time even to shapoo their hair, sprinkle baby powder in your hands, rub it through your hair, concentrating on the roots. If you have dark hair, blow dry for a few seconds, the particles will blend in better. The powder absorbs excess oils and boosts volumes.

Now, I need to get some tips online on how to get rid or avoid acne. 🙁

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  • Ori

    I tried once with Bragg apple cider vinegar, but I can’t stand the smell even I have rinsed my hair many times. Just be careful with the ratio mixture of vinegar and the water, I think 1/4 cup of white vinegar in a very big cup of water?
    Or white vinegar is not as smell as ACV? :))

    Ori’s last blog post..Curative Dream


  • arlene

    great tips, sis. ma try nga. inis ako sa shampoo ko. i got 3 kinds and alternate bt still i find my hair limp. 😀 ma try ko nga si vinegar.

    arlene’s last blog post..Today’s Flowers # 6


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