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Congratulate me us! My 2 1/2 daughter is now diaper-free, since yesterday the whole day. I only put her diaper on at night. We’re taking it slowly. But I’m really glad that she cooperates well. Imagine the number of diapers that we saved yesterday? We saved like 3. She only used 1 last night. She does not pee much during night time coz she only drinks a couple of feeding bottle, one before she goes to bed and another one at around 5am.

In able to encourage her to frequent the toilet and her potty sometimes without accidents, I promised her that I’d buy more panties for her. I did! A promise is a promise! And when I promise her something, I make sure that it’s done. So she won’t have false hopes in any way. So I bought a box (12) of SOEN. Cute!

And guess what? Today, she started with Nido Active Protection 1+. It’s a growing up milk from children 1-3 years old. I bought a small one (box) for a start. I have yet to see if there’s no bad reaction in her poo poo. So far she likes it! It’s yummy! I should know, I tried a scoop hahahaha!

Speaking of Nido, I bought a tin for myself too. I’ve been suffering from stomach pain. I guess it’s my gastritis that is bugging me again. I’d better start drinking milk again. *sigh* I don’t know for how long but I’ll try. I just don’t like the taste when it’s mixed with water. I only love the taste of the powder melted in my mouth heehee!

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  1. Yup, malaki na nga. Sunod na step bottle weaning naman. Ayaw pa magbaso eh, I tried na din.

    Hahaha! Kukunan ko sana kaso lang natamad ako. I got it for P350 sa local market. Sa mall kasi it was almost P30 a piece kaya ayun nauwi ako sa palengke haha!


  2. I’m happy for Deye! Yehey! Telling Lianne that she is a real “big girl” helps. 😉 We compared her to kids that has no diaper and said that they are big girl because they don’t wear diaper anymore.. and she like the idea that she is a big girl 😉


  3. True. I tell her that too, na big girl na sya if she loves that idea. Kaso sometimes kelangan ko naman sabihin she’s still small kapag she wants the things that I still can’t give her. Hahaha! Guluhin ba ang isip ng bata. 😀


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