SAHMone Is Officially A WAHM Today

Sounds complicated huh? Never mind. I still stay at home anyway, that makes sense LOL! Anyway, today is my official joining day at On Assist. At exactly 11:30pm, I came online. 6 minutes later, I was able to get hold of Ms. Dine to let her know I’m in. While I was chatting with her, my daughter was seated beside me. Yeah, she was still wide awake at that time. But I’ve already told her that “Mama has to go to work later” earlier, and that she should be in bed by that time. She agreed but won’t follow anything I said to her.

I made a deal then… that she could stay at awake and watch me, but… she has to behave and not supposed to touch anything within my working area. She listened carefully as if she had absorbed everything I said. Few minutes later, she was already almost touching my keyboard. I was a little irritated already but then I remembered what Ms. Dine told me last Saturday, if she tries to catch your attention while you are seated in front of your computer, no matter how busy you are “just pay attention to her“. That, I noted in my mind.

So this was what happened after that – a nice conversation. Please read on while I check on some life insurance rates. I’ve thought about it lately – religiously. We’ll see…

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