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SAHMone Is Still Sick!

Ahuhuhuhu! I guess I relapsed coz I super enjoyed the Bloggers Night Out. We left the venue at almost 1am and it’s an open area. No regrets though! As I’ve said I super enjoyed the night. I left Manila at around 5am, just 4 hours after we left the party haha! When I reached home at half past nine, I already had a fever. Aside from the on and off fever, it’s the sinusitis that bothers me. With the help of Mr. G, I found out that it could be Maxillary sinusitis that’s been bothering me because of the consistent toothache that I have.

Maxillary sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure in the maxillary (cheek) area (e.g., toothache, headache)

And because of this illness, I say no to AC! It triggers more. I asked my mom if she Deye can sleep with them for few days more till I get well. It was her who actually got sick first and I don’t wanna give it back to her. I can take all the pain but not her.

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