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Samsung Galaxy Note

Few months ago, my husband & I were just talking about getting a new phone for both of us but it’s just not possible. Not too soon when he just had his vacation. Vacation for a OFW family set-up usually mean spending while enjoying the times spent together, that’s why! Then my BlackBerry Curve almost retired when it had a problem with its software and completely wiped out my contacts. I’m so glad I was able to get it back still working but without my contacts.

Last month, after talking to my sister in law, we planned to go to Dubai and meet there but with the turn of events (again), I chose Samsung Galaxy Note over Dubai trip that I was supposed to be getting as my birthday gift.

Samsung Galaxy Note

But…. I didn’t expect to have the Samsung Galaxy Note too soon! I’m just happier I did! I was even luckier I guess ‘coz a friend of ours came from Bahrain, handcarried my phone and sent it through LBC from Cavite to Olongapo. Oh! I’m loving it! I like its soft touch, feels like I’m touching POS Restaurant System cash register.

More photos here.

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