Though I have never lived in Manila my entire life, I have seen parts of it worsen during my 4 years stay there back in 1993. In the area where I lived were houses with very small spaces to move around, garbage deliberately left on the streets, flooded parts of the road even when it’s not raining. I’ve seen those things but never bothered about it. My reason was I can still live with it for the next 3 years, anyway I won’t be here for long.

Seeing the recent tragedies happened in our country, everything flashed back. If I had done my part during those times, maybe many lives and houses were saved. If only we could turn back time. I had a talk to my friend over YM about it and she told me to stop whining, instead help Save The Pasig River. I was like what the? How do I do that when I’m here in Olongapo?

She then started giving lessons and said “start by clicking your mouse, go to Facebook event page of Pasig River Marathon and become a fan, anyway, it seems like 1/4 of your life is spent in Facebook.” So I did! What now? I still have no clue. So to make things more clearer, I then decided to hop on  to You Tube and watched the video about it and visited links that I got related to it:

Since I’m not in the position to join the Marathon literally, the best thing I can do aside from not throwing garbage on the streets is spread the news and encourage people who are capable to do it to join this cause “Save the Pasig River. Sign up and run!” on November 8. In the meantime, allow me to start and do my part, I have gathered links of forums where I will post the details above.

Mitch Carvalho

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