Savoring The Last Days In Bahrain…

with my husband. Yesterday was his day off. We spent the night out with two of his friends. First plan was to eat out but later decided to go to Water Garden. It’s similar to Fiesta Carnival in Cubao hehehehe! At first, I didn’t like the idea but when Derrick said that he wants Derelle to enjoy more, I didn’t say anything. I know, he wants to see her smiling and giggling all the time while he’s still here.

When we got there and saw my little one’s facial reaction, I smiled and looked at them. Both were excited to get in the bump car hahaha! I was hesitant. I’m scared, actually. Sssshhh! While they were buying the tickets for the bump car, his ever naughty friend booked a ticket in Super Surge – just for 3 people.

I swear I didn’t have an idea on how this ride moves, whether it turns this way or that way, turning, tossing or whatever you call it. What I had in mind was like how the Ferris Wheel operates. So I agreed! While the other friend volunteered to be with Derelle, we went in. Gave the ticket and made our selves seated there. Three of us went in.

I was still okay when it first moved. When it reached the top and the seats started rotating, my goodnessssssss! I was screaming for help, calling all the Gods and whoever could help me. I remember screaming out loud “Stop it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Believe me, I thought I’d collapse. When it slowed down, I was relieved. Gosh! It was just a trick! It went on again for I don’t know how long till it finally stopped! I got off the seat shivering, literally shivering… then only I realized I was already crying…. cursing his friend hahaha! Then the operator joked with me and asked “Do you want one more round?” I answered sarcastically, “No way! Thank you but I won’t, even if it’s for free!” Though it scared me to death, it was a good first and last experience.

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  1. you’re so brave Mitch! kung ako yan, nakow, hindi ko alam kung saan ako pupulutin after the ride, malamang mahimatay ako.

    on a serious note, hay naku sis, na sa sad ako sa magiging arrangement nyo soon. I hope things will only be temporary.

    Anong matapang? Eh umiyak nga ako after that, as in yung may luha ha? Hahaha!

    Oo nga eh, we have 10 days more to be together….


  2. i think you are so brave. it does not matter whatever happened up there – the screamin and after it stopped – the crying — what matters is that you have made it there you’re out of it and can still be able to tell your friends how it feels like out there. i am scared of heights too but I also dream of taking rides like that. >>>inggit ako sa ‘yo.

    well, make the best of the times left.

    Naku kung alam mo lang hahaha! I was shivering after that and literally crying. I won’t do it again, never!


  3. hi mitch,

    wishing you the best as you move on to your next level of your journey. i’m sure you can make it through… you’re a woman of strength ( i know, i read your blog too much I could sense the strength in you).

    Thanks sis! 🙂


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