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A lot of my friends have already migrated to the US and some of them have put up their own business already. Since everything is done online nowadays, they also wanted to promote these businesses online. One of them, being technologically challenged and having a little know how in Accounting, makes me worried. I don’t want her to end up losing everything just because of these problems. I mentioned to her that she should consult somebody that could help her with the finance management. Since she is based in San Diego, I told her that she can start searching these services online, and in the meantime I’ll try and help her find a good one. Anyway, I still have 3 days left here in the office, I still have an internet access within this period. As soon as I finished chatting with her, I started with my assignment and chanced upon San Diego accounting. They provide accounting services not only to corporations, but also to small businesses which I really find appropriate for my friend.

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