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See You Soon, Dada!

Derrick and I have been talking about getting him a Temporary Resident Visa so the next time he comes here, he doesn’t have to go all the way from where he is now to India just to get his visa done for Philippines. Since the application form has to be accomplished by the applicant himself, I told him that we’ll get it done when he arrived but I didn’t know it would be that early. Yes, so early that he’s arriving on 7th of May already. He’s leaving for India on Tuesday and will spend for a week there.

The thing is I’m not so sure if I could get a leave while he’s here. I’m still on probation and not entitled of paid leave yet. He’ll be here just for 2 weeks. That means if I don’t get it, we can only spend time after office hours. Hmmmm, that means we have more time at night LOL! What do you think? How many sets of sexy lingerie should I get for myself? Heehee! I just hope this time it works out for the 2nd baby.Wish us luck!

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  • Ebie

    My suggestion? Take time off and spend every minute (including night time, of course). Paid or not paid, he deserves the best in you. Good luck and have fun the three of you.!

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  • Mitch

    Well, it’s not just about the “paid leave”, the thing is I’m still not eligible for leave, as I have not even completed my 3 mos. yet. I wish I could, and if they’ll give, for sure I’ll grab that opp.

    Thanks for the visit! Are you Zerisse’s mom?


  • Arlene

    Am so happy for you and Deye, sis! Haiii am sure he will bring deye to school if you will not be allowed to take the whole 2 weeks leave. Or if payagan ka then sabay kayo hatid ni Deye sa school nya. 🙂

    Take some food supplements. Am sure it can help you more to have the 2nd baby.

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