Senior moments

Now that I am experiencing “senior moments”, I want to believe that once anesthesia has gotten to your body, you tend to forget things.

This afternoon, while getting ready for my usual date with the girls, Deye reminded and asked me (without telling her to remind me) if I have already the camera in my bag (she really is a daughter of a blogger huh?). That’s when I actually remembered it. So I did keep it in my bag.

We had our early dinner in KFC (for a change, please no more Jollibee!), and when I was trying to capture a good angle of bunso, my cam says “Memory full”! Good one Mitch! I brought the camera with me but without the memory card haha! I left it in the laptop, still inserted in the mem card slot.

So there, that’s how my senior moments spoiled my paparazzi plans LOL!

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  1. It’s ok. These “senior” moments happen to all of us, regardless of age. Yesterday I was at a friend’s house and she was asking me if I’ve seen her grey cardigan. I asked “The one you’re wearing?” She stopped and just put her head down and couldn’t believe it was on her the entire time.. You’re not alone 🙂


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