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Sept 2007 Chinese Scope

I was reading Woman This Month Magazine a while ago and landed on next month’s Chinese Scope. Mine is Year of the Dragon and this is what it says: You have some serious thinking to do this month, especially where the twin subjects of job and romance are concerned.

On the work front, you are really allowing a troublesome colleague to get under your skin and it is causing you to lose your focus a little. I would suggest that before the month closes, the two of you have it out – face to face – in an effort to resolve unsaid issues once and for all.

I smiled when I read this. I know who she is. But no way I’ll have a talk with her. If she behaves her age (I’m talking about 50+), then maybe. There’s only one at work whom I had an issue with. The same lady I was talking about here. Believe me, I deliberately annoy her every morning by sitting beside her in our bus. I just love doing it especially when she keeps her huge bag on the empty seat when she knows that more people are coming. Duh!

As far as matters of the heart go, you have probably been less than honest with a partner about what you want from a relationship and the time has come for you to assess your feelings and decide where you want to go from here. Living a lie as you are now is not going to help anyone in the long term – least of all you.

Whoa! This isn’t for me. I’m very sure of that!

I don’t believe in horoscope but it’s fun to read and it gets exciting when the content says it right. A coincidence maybe….

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  • sunshineforlife

    As said, no one knows the future. They are probably coincidences. Sabi nila sis, sa devil’s work daw yan. Not to offend anyone — but really, there’s only one PErson who knows what’s going on in our life and what it will gonna be ahead. Si Jesus lang yon. 🙂

    Korek ka dyan sis! Pero yun nga kaka-excite lang lalo kung may koneksyon yung sinasabi sa buhay mo hehe!


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