When you are getting ready to sell your house, you have to pretend it’s a performance. You’d be forgiven for wondering what on earth we mean, but think about it. You are setting a home stage when you want to sell a house and this stage is going to impress the potential buyers.

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If you have a lot of time before you have to sell, you may decide to do up the house a little and work on those DIY projects you haven’t yet finished. Anything you can do to make the house look more inviting is worth it and while staging isn’t mandatory, it sure can help to attract the buyers you want. So, how can you make your home look more inviting so you get that perfect sale?

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  • Clean Up. Whether you hire a maid or you do it yourself, you will need to ensure your entire house is spic and span. Cleaning is essential before you sell your home and every single room, including the outside of the house needs to be dust-free. Buyers love to see appliances in the home and they need to be cleaned to perfection.
  • Curb Appeal. Driving up to view your home, your potential buyers should be awed by the tidy lawn, the freshly painted front door and the fresh flowers in the hanging baskets. Curb appeal also extends to the back of the house, so don’t leave those Deckmate DIY accessories laying around after you finish your brand-new decking. Your garden should be presentable and fresh as well as inviting to sit down in!
  • Depersonalize. Your home is your personal space, but when you are trying to sell it, you need your buyers to envision it as their personal space instead. They cannot do this with your photos and mementos around, so these will need to be removed from sight. You want the house to have clean lines and look as modern and neutral as possible.
  • Be Smart. No matter the flooring type you have in each room, or the lighting, it has to be right for setting the stage of the house. Bring in carpet and floor cleaners, adjust the wattage on the bulbs and make sure the house is lit just right to make your house cosy and exciting to view.
  • Final Touches. Your home needs to have some lovely touches to make it look endearing. Fresh flowers in each room that are heavy on scent and fruit bowls full of fresh pieces of fruit in the kitchen will add colour and flair. Add some soft, fluffy towels to the bathrooms and be ready for as many questions about your house as you can take.

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Setting the stage for a house sale seems like a lot of work, but if you want to get the perfect sale across to buyers, and sell the house quickly, it’s the best way forward. A stage for your home is far more than just a way to show off what you have – it’s a way to be impressive!


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