She Made It To 5!

Yesterday was the issuance of FIRST school report cards and I was one of those excited parents anxiously waiting outside the classrooms. Who wouldn’t when your child made it to top 5? Call it over acting but I felt tears wanting to come out from my eyes when her teacher told me “Derelle ranked 5 in their class”.

So much about emotional reactions, let me share with you her grades for this quarter:

English – 95
Filipino – 94
Science – 96
Mathematics – 95

Ever since I implemented a reward system with my daughter, she never demanded for a Jollibee dine out or a toy for no reasons, meaning she understood me well. Well, sometimes she forgets especially when she sees these attractive TV ads but after a sentence of explanation, she stops insisting.

So I thought yesterday was the perfect time to give what she wanted, when I asked her a week ago what would she want as a prize if she did well in class, she immediately answered “I want a camera, pink!!” From school, I went straight to get her wish granted.

A pink camera!

It came along with a pair of shorts and pink top, wrapped it so she would feel the excitement while opening it. She made me proud so might as well make her smile.

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