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She really is my daughter

ArtworkI’m talking about my eldest. I see myself in her. She’s too particular with her hair. Just like me, I don’t go out with my hair still wet. I’d rather get up from bed at 5am than cram in the morning and go to work with a wet hair, just because I didn’t have time to blow it dry.

Deye and I have so many things in common. My husband would always tell me, you get upset on how Deye reacts each time you scold her not because you were not happy of what she did but simply because you see yourself in her. Whatever he meant by that, I just ignored it.

One of the many common things that we share is our interest in art. I love to draw. Back in the high school days, I would copy an image of a lady from any “komiks” cover and give it away to anyone who wants it. I also didn’t fail to join poster slogan contests in school. Too bad there were better participants than I am. Until now, my love for art hasn’t fade. I still do but  digitally. I am into digital scrapbooking and hope to influence my eldest soon. Okay strike that word soon. In the future maybe.

With that, it’s been part of our weekend bonding to do an artwork. She feels bad if I don’t give in. This morning we did the leaf sketches. She loved it! Next week, she wants another Paper Clay Art. That means I need to buy another set.

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    I think there are such a thing as ‘artsy genes,’ lol. My dad was always really creative and artsy and my brother and I are the same way. We always had pencils and pads of sketch paper around the house, there are some really great art kits you can buy for kids. Your daughter might like that if she doesn’t have one already.



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