She Said Opo

Last week, the babysitter asked me if they can take Derelle out with them the next weekend, and that was yesterday. Of course, I agreed. I trust them anyway, and besides Derelle enjoys her daughter’s company.

The whole day of yesterday, she was with them. She dropped her home at 7pm. Then I began to ask how her day was.

Did you go out with ate? Opo.

Huwaaaaaat? Did she just say opo? So I asked another question…

Did you see a lot of bu-boom (cars) outside? Opo.

Hihihihi! I was right, she was speaking in Tagalog. Hahaha! And she said it very clearly huh!

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  1. Cute! Teach her some Tagalog kahit pa-konti-konti. ‘Opo’ is a good start. 🙂

    She knows some already like:

    ako na
    utot (hahaha!)
    and some private parts natin in Tagalog.

    And syempre sino pa ang nagturo kundi ako hahaha! Kulit eh no?


  2. mabuti un..natututo xa ng po at opo. you should teach her more like ate or lolo..lola etc..

    My little cousin only calls me by my first name and she also calls my aunts and uncles by their first name (she’s 2)…and can speak well now..but I gotta say she’s a bit rude..well she’s a kid…she don’t know much about those things..

    She knows ate, kuya. Basta medyo malaki na na bata sa kanya pag babae she calls them ate, pag lalaki she calls them kuya. She calls my dad lolo naman, yung mga friends kong babae ang tawag nya tita, sa mga friends ng dada nyang lalaki “akol” for Uncle hahaha! Marunong din syang magbless. I’m really proud to say na aware ang anak ko sa Pinoy manners and culture.


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