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She Said…

Scene No. 1 > Last night around 7pm, she came to me and said “Mama, ouch Deye tummy inside”, I then told her because you drink too much didi that’s why. She kept quiet and continued playing with my mom. Few minutes later she came back to me and said “Mama go out”.

You must be wondering where… We have a little store within the area where they sell cigarettes and coffee, it’s located near the tricycle queue. Sometimes mom would take her there so that I could finish my paid opps peacefully.

As she uttered “Mama go out”, she completed the sentence “Deye no more ouch, see!” before I could even react to what she said. She even said “jacket, at the back door” Bwahahaha! She made sure that she was going out with my mom. Well she did….

Scene No. 2 > Before we had our afternoon nap, I asked her to give Mama a massage. She stepped on my back while holding on to the wall so she won’t fall. After a while, I asked her ” Deye pagod na?” To my surprise, she answered “Di naman”. Nyahahaha! So I said okay then, continue…. As I said “continue” she complained by saying “Deye apagod” hahahaha! Take note of the -a- before the word pagod, she really said that!

Mitch Carvalho

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