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She Understands And Speaks Tagalog Now

I’ve been using “glassbreak” tone as my message alert in my phone. I admit, it does hurt your ears. That moment mom was inside our room playing games in the computer. Then suddenly my phone received a message and my mom said in Tagalog:

Mom : Sakit naman sa tenga nyan!

Guess what my little one replied?

Deye : Cover your ears Mita!!!

LOL! Oo nga naman heehee!


Just now she had her first bottle of milk in the morning finished. I asked her to put the lid back to the bottle. I was just observing her. The bottle has this certain lock so it won’t spill the milk. She tried but she couldn’t, then she said:

Deye : Hindi kaya, Mama!

Yup, at 2 years and 4 months she talks real straight now like a grown up!

Mitch Carvalho


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