I’ve always had a long hair except those days when I was working abroad when I had it real short bob hairstyle. Hair maintenance abroad doesn’t do justice. I feel I’d go bankrupt if I would have the regular maintenance that my hair deserves.

The day I came home for good in 2008, I’ve decided that I will never cut my hair short again, ever! Having a natural wavy hair can sometimes be stressful. Thanks to hair rebonding, girls who share the same problem had a solution!! Though I know it’s not healthy but when you feel good about it each time you look in the mirror, that changes.

Exactly a month ago, I had a haircut. A short one. I was hesitant but my mind says “It will grow back anyway!”. So there.

short bob wigs

Funny thing was, my hairstylist who had been taking care of my hair didn’t want to do it. He kept asking me “are you sure?” Well, I’m not sure but… go… just do it! Bahala na if it’ll suit me or not.

I’m just glad that after a month, it has already grown that I am able to sport my favorite “mommy” hairstyle – ponytail hahaha!

clip-in hair extensions

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