Home improvements can be pricey, but if you can’t afford a full-scale revamp, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stunning home. Often, making simple, affordable changes can make a massive difference. If your bedroom is in need of some TLC, here are some simple ways to make your boudoir more beautiful.

Make your bed the focal point. Most of us dream of the moment we can clamber into bed and rest our weary head on plumped up pillows. If you long for a haven to retreat to at the end of a long or tiring day, making your bed the focal point of the room is a great idea. When you walk into the room, your eyes will be automatically drawn to the bed, and you’ll feel instantly relaxed. If you don’t have the budget for luxury beds, you can create your own budget-friendly option by buying a more affordable bed or using your creative talents to make a statement headboard, for example. Take inspiration from boutique hotels, and look out for copycat linen, accessories and bed frames in home stores and online. You can often find similar designs for much lower prices. Once you’ve chosen your bed and your bed linen, you can make it look even more alluring by layering blankets and throws at the bottom of the bed and scattering a few cushions at the top.

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Opt for soft lighting. Most of us want to escape to a romantic, peaceful haven at the end of the day, and using soft lighting is a really effective way of creating a relaxing atmosphere. Try and avoid harsh lighting, and replace pendant lamps with bedside lamps, fairy lights or even candles. If you want a main light, fit a dimmer switch, so that you can set the tone when it’s time to hit the hay. 

Rethink the color scheme. Is your bedroom a little bright or brash or does it look drab and tired? Often, refreshing the paintwork can breathe new life into the room. In the bedroom, it’s usually best to go for neutral tones and muted shades. If you love color, use accessories and embrace the color pop trend, rather than going crazy with colored walls or clashing patterns. Pastels, grays, and white work brilliantly in modern bedrooms.

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Add a rug. Soft furnishings add a cozy feel to any bedroom, and placing rugs on floors is a simple, inexpensive way to add ambiance and make the room look more stylish. It’ll also keep your toes warm in the winter.

Remove the tech. There’s nothing more unsightly in a romantic, serene sanctuary than trailing wires and cables. Your boudoir should be a place of rest and relaxation, so adopt a tech-free policy. Not only will the room look more attractive. You’ll also be able to sleep better without flashing lights or neon screens to worry about.

If you have plans to create a beautiful bedroom, you don’t have to spend a fortune or carry out a dramatic makeover. Making simple changes to colorways and lighting, adding soft furnishings, and making your bed stand out will make all the difference.

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