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Suki na ako ng tag-tagan heehee! I got tagged by Princess of CJ once again. Thanks Princess! So, here it goes…

~ Start Copying Here ~

The rules are, list out 6 Web sites that you often surf upon opening your Web browser. Change the Web title and the purpose. Tag 4 people. Okay, let’s start:

This is in order (it’s not necessary, I just listed ’em out that way).

Company’s Email Server (I’m not giving the URL for privacy reason) – I have to, otherwise, our Admin will be calling and telling me “Mitch, you’re inbox is full!”.

Yahoo Mail – To check my personal mails.

Gmail – Again, to check my personal mails.

Friendster – To check whether I got new messages and photos from my Friendster network.

Kuro – The Filipino Community-Forum I am in.

When Silence Speaks – My blog. Excited sa comments hehehe!

~ End Copying Here ~
I’m passing the ball to C5, Kimmy, ~iMoM~ and Gracita!

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