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Sleep Deprived

Before I became a mother, getting enough sleep (I’m talking about more than 8 hours continuous sleep here) was not on my high priority list. I sleep like more than 10 hours on Fridays leaving the household chores undone for the next few days. Until someone little named Derelle came over. She taught me what Friday mornings are all about. For the past two years, I always say “She’s asleep, I can get something done, finally…” And that includes even a one hour nap.

I reach home from work around 7pm everyday. Put her to sleep at 9pm. So what happened to the 2 hours in between? Those two hours cover my:

  1. Bonding moments with her.
  2. Tidying up the bedroom.
  3. Preparing her dinner.

Once she’s asleep, I’ll be able to do whatever I have to do at home. Normally, I find myself free from my second shift at around 11pm. And that also depends on the TV shows that I really love to watch. I feel bad if I don’t get to watch Pinoy Big Brother hahaha! PBB is aired here at 11pm while The Buzz is at 11:30 on Sundays (that’s today).

So who do you think deprives me from sleeping till my back aches? My daughter Derelle or my fave TV shows? Hahaha!

Btw, I still get up for midnight feeding, literally get up and make her milk. Sometimes she would even ask for it – again at around 4am.

Now tell me…. is it motherhood that is depriving me from getting a goodnight sleep or is it my addiction to TFC? :p


  • Mhalou

    both mitch… hehe

    but mothers deserved a bit of entertainment from time to time especially when the kids are most behaved (read: asleep):-)

    Yun din ang palagay ko > both hahaha!

    Korek ka dyan, kelangan natin yan…

  • janet

    awww… you have TFC!!! How I wish I could have TFC here too. I was able to watch PBB while there in the Philippines at saka also, Prinsesa ng Banyera. I miss the soap already.

    Anyways, pareho sila… we moms deserve to have our own enjoyment.

    Ako rin, sleep deprived due to bloghopping too much! Hahaha!

    Ay oo! It was my hubby who subscribed TFC kasi lagi ko daw syang inaaway kapag nababagot ako hahaha! Di ko inaabot ang mga teleserye eh. Pero napapanood ko naman every Sat and Sun, yung marathon. PBB subaybay ko din yan but not every night tulad kagabi nakatulog na ako.

  • Kongkong622

    Tama, both!! Pero teka, asan yun isang D? Siya patimplahin mo ng gatas..hehehe 🙂

    Kawawa naman eh, kasi ang pinakamaagang uwi nun from work eh 1am. 🙁

  • feng

    when Deye’s older, you can give up the milk feedings in between midnight.

    pero yung TFC, nakow, addicting talaga yan. lalo na sa mga expats na gaya mong homesick sa Pinas. 🙂

    Sinabi mo kaka-adik talaga kasi la namang ibang magawa hehe!

  • N!cE

    hahaha! there will be better days pag lumaki laki na si Deye. Dati ako sobrang bangenge everytime i go to work.

    Kaya dapat ang tawag sa mga nanay superwoman hahaha!

  • MegaMom

    Mitch, you are only sleep-deprived if you feel you lack sleep. Sounds like you feel good being Mom and watching TFC! I’d say neither. 🙂 In any case, kelangan din nating mga nanay ng konting libangan, konting “me time” ika nga. Just carry on as long as you don’t neglect your family. Yun naman ang pinaka-importante eh.

    I just don’t feel it, talagang kulang ako sa tulog. Thanks for the advice… 🙂

  • mk

    nakow and to think im still single, how much more kung me family nako, hahaha love readin ur posts and the comments, kakatuwa basahin! =)

    May mga cases naman sis na kusa mong mababago kung anumang habit na sa tingin mo di maganda. Basta para sa baby mo, magagawa mo.

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