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Sleep Talking

Sleep-talking or Somniloquy is a parasomnia that refers to talking aloud in one’s sleep. It can be quite loud, ranging from simple sounds to long speeches, and can occur many times during sleep. Listeners may or may not be able to understand what the person is saying.

“Mama, didi!” That’s what Deye said in her sleep. I heard her screamed these words at around 4am. I was also sleeping but as soon as I heard her, I woke up thinking that she was really asking for milk. But when I saw her, she was fast asleep.

It appears to run in families. Could be true. I used to be a sleep talker and walker heehee! I remember my mom telling me funny stories about me talking in my sleep. When I was still a kid, my mother loved to watch late night shows. And I always refused to go to bed alone. So she would let me sleep on the sofa while she enjoys the show. As soon as it gets over, she would wake me up. But I won’t. Rather, I keep on talking in my sleep. My mom would then throw more questions after the other. And I do answer them quickly, but still in my sleep…

I think I’m still in it. Very much still in it. When hubby comes from work at night, he sometimes wakes me up to have a chit chat with him. He says that I response like I know what I was saying. The next day, I would ask him why he didn’t wake me up? He would say he did. That we were actually talking but really… most of the time I don’t remember anything. But wait! That only happens if I stay lying in bed, otherwise I’m normal! Hahaha!

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  • Jane

    I catch myself sometimes talking in my sleep.

    And once, when my son was sleep talking, I struck up conversation with him and he actually kept answering back! Now does that mean he inherited it from me? 🙂


  • SexyMom

    every now and then, i would see, esp my little boy sit down and talk in his sleep. oh, yes, sometimes he answers me when i ask him questions, then he just smiles and goes back to sleep–i find them sweet moments.


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