SM Olongapo Pizza Hut Experience

As part of my daughter and I’s deal, that if she does well in their play, I will treat them out. So I did after the programme. Since it’s on a weekend, I have expected a crowded mall. We ended up at Pizza Hut located at the side entrance of SM Olongapo. I ordered Feast for 4 for Php699 which includes:

1 Family Supreme line Pan Pizza
Family Supreme line Pan Pizza2 Regular Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs

Spaghetti Bolognese with Meat Balls

1 Family Caesar Salad
Family Caesar Salad

1 Hut Patatas / Pitcher of Pepsi
Hut Patatas

Then, I ordered an additional plate of Spaghetti Al Pesto (for Php129) which came almost 20 minutes later after everything was served.

Spaghetti Al Pesto

Too bad, after the long wait, I couldn’t bear its taste! It was too salty! I thought it was just me as I had been having bland food in the past days. I asked my mom to try it and she agreed.

I was not supposed to make it a big deal, but I realized I deserve a good service coz I am paying for it. I then approached and told the server, she took the pasta and came back saying “Onga po maam pasensya na kayo, sobrang alat nga. Papalitan na lang po.”

Instead of having it, I told her to just pack it for me so I can take it out. I felt sorry coz I’m sure the cook will be reprimanded but what can I do. We all deserve a good meal right?

One  more observation, the place is too small that there’s not enough space for the servers to walk through. Look how much distance the corner of our table has from the other table. I understand, they want to make money that they have maximized the space, but isn’t it that people should also feel comfortable as they dine in?

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  1. Personally, I prefer Shakey’s over Pizza Hut 😉 Don’t really have much to say about this place because I RARELY ever eat here. Don’t remember how things taste like but I’m sorry that they disappointed you. Nothing’s more sad than having to eat food you don’t like 🙁


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Same here, I prefer Shakey’s a lot better. It so happened that Pizza Hut was more accessible to where we were that time.


  2. It’s the same in Pizza Hut stores here, it’s way too cramped, which is why it has been a looong time since we last dined in.. But we do get food to go there often because my kids looove the stuffed crust pizza and I can eat their dough as is, even without toppings as is the case when you have a topping monster for a daughter.. 😛

    I would have complained but wouldn’t ask for a replacement and just ask for a refund, baka kasi kung ano pa gawin nung nagluto nun sa replacement kasi syempre machacharge sya dun so pang ganti lang, praning lang ako. 😛 hehe


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