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I’m sure SmartBro subscribers can relate to my sentiments. Read my title. What do you say? Haaaaaay! If I only knew, I would’ve applied for something else. And you know what’s so disappointing? When I need a good reliable connection very badly, that’s when it starts acting up!!!!

Last night, I had some urgent tasks to do and guess what happened? It just went off! I waited for like an hour, but no luck! Makakatiris ka talaga ng tao! Hmmmmmp!

Speaking of Smart, I don’t know if they were updating their system (well if they are, that’s a very good news!), two days ago we couldn’t even check our load balance. There’s no way that we could subscribe to a one day unlimited text. I remember I had Php100+ credit in my phone, when I was able to check my balance, it was down to Php83 something! I tried sending test messages to my family, but they didn’t receive anything. So, where did my credit go?!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!

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  • feng

    Mitch, eh naku kahit anong ISP ata ngayon, may connection problems. actually, wala kang tulak-gabigin from Smart, PLDT or Globe. nung Saturday nga yata nag upgrade ang Smart coz hindi rin kami makapag pa load eh.

    hehe, at least kagabi, nakapag YM pa tayo, next time si Deye at si Nico na mag chat ha. 🙂

    feng’s last blog post..A BIGGER PICTURE OF LOVE

    Nakakainis kasi eh! Kung kelan kelangan mo saka nawawala. Hmp!

    Honga, next time we’ll make it longer! 😉


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