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Smart Is Acting Smart Again!!!

Is it the bad weather that’s making my Internet slow or is it my PC that is giving problem? Aaaargh! I have no idea! A week ago, I noticed a very unstable connection happening here. The two monitor icons are showing me a stat that reads “Unplugged” and “Acquiring network services” simultaneously.

I, then, Immediately called my “smart” provider and checked if there was a problem within our area. She took my service reference number and told me “Maam, there’s nothing wrong with the connection, the connection shows stable”. “So what’s the problem then, I couldn’t get connected?”, I asked her back. Gave her the messages that I was getting. She was telling me that it could be my LAN card that is causing the problem. *sigh*

Did she mean that I should go to a computer repair service center instead? She advised that if the same problem happens again, just let them know. Hell yeah! It happened again this morning and the worst my Internet was down for more than 2 hours and I am supposed to submit an article that afternoon. Hmp! Now, tell me who’s the culprit? Is it my LAN card? Is it the bad weather that’s affecting the broad signal or is it my provider’s poor service?

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