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Situation 1:

The only way for me to stop Deye watching Barney is to tell her that Barney will soon go to sleep so she’d better say goodnight. Everynight I would always tell her “It’s bedtime, time to sleep. Say goodnight to Barney! He’ll sleep now too!

Yesterday, I was really eager to watch MMK abut my little one was watching her favorite Barney. I asked her “Deye, can Mama watch Wowoyi please?” (I had to tell her Wowoyi coz that’s the TV Show that she knows).

She quickly answered “Barney, sleep. Night!“.

Situation 2:

She refused to have a bath yesterday. My husband had to tell her that we were going out so she would listen. But my husband went straight to the kitchen and not to the main door.

Deye said “Dada???? Tsk tsk tsk! She literally made that sound tsu tsu tsu! :p

Situation 3:

We went to the local market yesterday morning and saw a wide variety of birds on display, in their respective cages. Deye got frightened. We told her to say hi. But instead she said “Babay! Dada come!” telling him that we should go hahaha!

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