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Some Good News, Again!

Somebody’s pregnant! Hey! Don’t get too excited! It’s not me! Hahaha! It’s another friend of mine heehee! Remember the day I gave three maternity good news where I mentioned:

Another friend back home feels and thinks that she is pregnant. Maybe. Maybe yes. Maybe not. We’ll come to know in another 2 weeks time.

Well….. it’s confirmed! She’s 5 weeks preggy. She’s having another baby! Yup, another… It’ll be her second child. And because of that she’s been teasing and convincing me to have another one hahaha! No no no no!

Anyway… What makes me excited about her second pregnancy is the fact that we are going to be and officially kumares. It’s a promise made between us – our new found friendship hahaha! Who would think that it’s going to happen soon hahaha! By the way, she’s one of my cyber friends who eventually became my friend IRL. I actually met her two years ago in Kuro – an Online Filipino Community where I started the Pregnancy Tips thread when I was still pregnant. The friendship all started when she became a member of the said community. We often talked about pregnancy. Until it became regular through YM. I also had the chance of meeting her in person last March.

Jen and Me in Starbucks, Libis Q. C.

She’s cool and nice! And a singing diva! We share almost the same interests and life experiences. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we get along well.

Congrats to you Mareng Jen and Fafa B syempre! Weeeee! Ate na si Andrea!

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