I got tagged by Khristine. Thanks sis!

1. Food I hate. Ginisang Ampalaya coz I don’t eat “ampalaya”.

2. Fruits I hate. I can’t think of anyone, I think I like everything… Except the “peeling” part. :p

3. Veggy that I hate. Ampalaya.. I just don’t like it! But there was a time that I really tried, when I was in medication.

4. Celebrities/People that I hate. Recently I hated Wendy of PBB2. But after a while I reconsidered that maybe she was just trying to be real. Real “magaspang” hehehe! I just hate those who do not mind their own business. Especially those who couldn’t just be happy for other’s success.

5. Event/Situation/Incident that I hate. I hate going through the “operators” when making a call.

6. TV Show/Movie that I hate. I just hate watching news. It’s so depressing. I hate action movies.

7. Music that I hate. Anything that is noise. Oh well, they’re not music!

8. Household chore that I hate. Handwashing the clothes. Thanks to Whirlpool! *wink*

9. Things that you hate about the world. Politics and prostitution.

10. Thing/s that you hate about yourself. I hate being impatient. It just changes my mood.

Let’s see what Arlene, Rach, Kimmy and Bingskee hate?!

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