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Some Thoughts on Going Paperless

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Uncluttering your room and your house does not just mean cleaning out your house from all dirt and litter, but it is also a way of removing all the stress in your life. A cluttered house or room, according to studies, creates a certain amount of stress and it can even be a manifestation of your impending pressure or anxiety.
Uncluttering your life can make you more productive, efficient and relaxed. You will know exactly where you left your things, even the smallest details like where you put your pen.

When writing researches, assignments or reports, you will not feel too overwhelmed with too much information because you have everything “under control.” Often, uncluttering also means going high-tech with your equipments and paperless (since paper is the biggest source of clutter).

A lot of online transactions can be facilitated to help you unclutter and go paperless. Let me share you some pointers:

1. Storing your documents and files electronically will give you numerous benefits. Obviously, other than uncluttering your workspace (as everything will be stored in your computer), you are also saving the environment. You will not be stacking up a lot of paper and then throwing them away. For instance, you can request that reports from your secretary can be send via email or online fax so it doesn’t have to be printed.
2. Although a lot of businesses are dependent on the use of paper, it is not entirely impossible to go paperless. You can start by switching to online fax services which will not only help you go paperless (because online fax really uses less paper than traditional faxing method), but save the environment and save on your cost as well.
3. When you go paperless, you are securing your document. If all your files are stored in your computer, then that means that your confidential files will not be easily exposed to prying eyes. You can put passwords on your documents and folders so that no one else can access your documents. You can even encrypt your files so that if your files are copied from your hard drive, it will not be accessed using a different computer. With online fax, you can also encrypt the data that no one else will read your file other than your intended recipient.
4. When you store your files electronically and store them online, you can have access to your files anywhere you are and regardless of time. You can easily search and archive your files and when you need a particular file, you can easily search for them.
5. Going paperless is saving a lot on your expenses. Obviously, with online fax, for instance, then you don’t have to buy a lot of fax papers, inks or toners. You don’t even have to purchase a new fax machine or have a secondary phone line installed. Other than that, when you go paperless, you will not be printing a lot of documents as a lot of exchanges will be done online.

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