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Some tips for changing the way you eat

Altering eating habits in the long term basis requires much discipline and determination, not to forget your self control. One of the main reasons why people want to change their eating habit is usually their goal to lose weight. Some would even skip breakfast thinking it could help quick weight loss. This has always been a misconception. Skipping breakfast will not make a difference, in fact some would even suggest to have a large amount of breakfast. I have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Based from what I have read, here are some helpful tips to achieve your goal of changing eating habits:

  • Eat smaller portions. Smaller but more regular meal stops you from feeling hungry meaning you would never feel stuffed.
  • As I have mentioned above, Have a large breakfast. Having large amount stops hunger all day and yes you needed that much in able to do whatever you have to do for the day.
  • Eat slower. Some says when you eat fast, you feel full less fast. So eat slow to give your brain the time to register in your brain that your stomach is already full.
  • Drink more water. If there’s one thing that I know I’d have difficulty in following these tips would be this one. I am a Coke lover and this has been a staple drink in our household. But yes, majority says that soda can have the effect of making you want to eat more while drinking water makes you fuller, and healthier of course.
  • Concentrate on eating. Most people I know multitask on the dining table. It’s either they read a paper or watch television. I do not encourage this in my house, especially with the kids. This gives the tendency of not chewing your food properly and you wouldn’t even notice that you are stuffed already.
So what do you think? You think you can do it, gradually? Let’s both try then!



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