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Some Yucky But Fulfilling MOMents

I’m talking about our current serious potty training. Day 1 and Day 2 have been very good so far. A success indeed!

I admit, my stomach gets upset while cleaning up the little potty, you know… the smell and how it looks like? It’s an ewwwwww talaga! But then, when I think of the progress, it’s really fulfilling!

At least now I won’t get paranoid of thinking “Deye not showing any sign of readiness, is there something wrong?”. Reading updates regarding the same thing on my fellow mommy blogs had somehow bothered me, comparing Deye with their children. Well, not anymore!!! Now that I am experiencing it with Deye, I just have to say this… it’s something that I’ve read somewhere months and months before we even bought her very first little potty:

The most important factors are not necessarily age, but rather physiologic, physical and psychological readiness.

So…. to other mommies that share the same feeling I had before “just be patient and wait for the right time till your child is ready”.

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  • Vannie

    that’s her potty mitch? ang cute!! ahihi ^_^ sana lang di nya paglaruan yan.
    re potty cleaning. yuck talaga. i do it always kase hindi kinakaya ng mister ko.


  • Mitch

    @ Mommy Van : Sa Manila ko pa yan binili kasi yung ditong ganyan nasa P500, yan P229 lang hehehe! At first, she was playing with it, kinakabayuhan haha! Pero nung nagamit na sa kaka di na.

    Sa mga susunod na araw nanay ko na maglilinis wahaha! Sa ngayon ako kasi ako nagtetrain. LOL!


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