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Spain Escapades

I was going through some old photographs and saw the photos of my husband taken in Spain. Just before I arrived in Bahrain for the first time, he just also came back from his Spain escapades {we haven’t met yet during that time but he told me about his whole experience in Spain later on}. It wasn’t a personal trip though, it was a job related trip but somehow became like one because of the experiences that he had.

He told me that somewhere in Amsterdam where he had a connecting flight, he lost his baggage. No idea how it happened but it happened. The thing was he almost missed his flight trying to track his luggage. He said that he was thinking whether he’d find some cheap hotels out there. Definitely, he could have {As far as I know there’s now an online travel agency introduced in English Market like Destinia}. Good thing he didn’t miss his flight going to his final destination. Lucky one!

It was also his first time to see nude couples spending time together hahaha! He even had photos taken there, and you’d clearly see the nude couples I’m talking about in the background. If I could only tell you everything in details here, I would teehee! I’ll leave you with these thoughts for now haha! Later!

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