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Spot-check your househelp/nanny

It’s not that you don’t trust your househelp, but at times it is better to spot-check her to know what she has been up to when you are not at home.

Don’t get so attached to your sitter that you can’t see her faults. Spot-check by arriving home unexpectedly to see what happens when you are not there. – Working Mom Lifestyle

Having them run the household for you when you are not there is a big relief but do you really know what they do when you are not there? When I read the above quote, I could relate well.

I keep a mobile phone at home but never did I call home on schedule. I call in different times, and sometimes, with a very short interval. I know when my househelp just got up from her sleep during her supposed to be busiest time.

There were also times when I went home earlier than my usual expected arrival and found my househelp busy and stuck on her phone, then she would quickly hang up as if she had seen a ghost!

I really don’t mind my househelp taking a break, take a nap or even use her phone, we all need to anyway, but it should be done with concern and not all the time keep busy with “other businesses” than what’s she’s supposed to be doing. Just another dilemma that we, working moms, have to be patient with.

How about you? Do you also exercise the same spot-checking?

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