Themes are central to our lives. We plan parties and home design around a solid theme and so when it comes to purchasing a new house, your mind will immediately fill with themes for each room. Perhaps you’re looking into your new bathroom and envisioning an ocean theme with blue tones and shell accessories. Maybe your living room is going to be a relaxing space with purple accents and plenty of nature brought indoors. Either way, you imagine your space to look amazing and reflect you all at the same time.

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The kitchen is different to every other room in the house. You need it to be practical and functional, as it’s the place you will be cooking and eating. It’s not all frills and glitter, unfortunately. However, that doesn’t mean you have to have a boring kitchen space. You need your kitchen to look beautiful while being as functional as possible. So, what themes could you come up with for your kitchen?

Traditional Kitchen: The traditional kitchen look is standard across nearly all newly built homes. Cabinet doors that have raised panels are a standard look, floors are traditionally dark wood and the lights are chandeliers. Traditional kitchens are neutral in colour and have standard fixings and are generally light and airy. Emphasis is on the space in the kitchen for all the food and crockery to go and you won’t find very many open shelving units or glass fronted cabinets like these.

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Modern Kitchen: Modern looks are very sleek and stylish, with marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. Modern kitchens have clean lines and light fixtures such as spotlights. Open shelving that shows off the cooking utensils and appliances are all the rage in a modern space. These are becoming more popular as the years go on and more people are opting for updated fixtures and doorknobs.

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Country/Cottage Kitchen: Kitchens are homely spaces that need to be cosy. Shabby chic plays a huge part in a country kitchen and the décor of a country kitchen backsplash is usually fitting with the weathered wood cabinets and large scrubbed tables. A kitchen island usually features, as does a light fixture like this which is quite low hanging. Natural colours to reflect the garden outside such as yellows and greens are very popular in a country themed kitchen.

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Trendy Kitchens: You may not like a totally modern kitchen or a country themed idea. You need to find a middle ground for your space and a blend of all of the above works very well. A trendy theme looks well-presented and comfortable, with bright, airy décor and balanced colour palettes.

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Your kitchen needs to reflect your personality above all else, but embracing a specific theme can really make your home come to life. Be aware of your colours with each theme, and customise the kitchen to the size it is. Don’t colour a tiny kitchen in black and chrome when you know dark colours will transform the room and make it smaller. Go forth and decorate; the time is now!


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