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Step by Step Zentangle & Mandala Artwork for Beginners

A lot of FB friends were asking how I do these Mandala and Zentangle drawings. So to help you start with something, I made this simple drawing which I find perfect for beginners. If you look at the artwork as a whole, it may appear complicated, but believe me even a child can do it. My 9 y/0 daughter did.


Let’s do it! 


Step 1. Use a pencil at this point. Draw a circle. A compact disc will do as your pattern. Then just doodle on the body of the girl up to the water drips. After that, divide the circle into slices as if you are cutting a pizza pie.

Step 2. Trace the pattern that you made at Step 1 using a gel pen (Use any type of pens/markers as per your reference, in my case, I use gel pens in most of my drawings) leaving the curves of the circle untraced. You should be able to make an octagon for the umbrella.

Step 3. Draw petals to each corner in the middle of your octagon. Next thing you’ll know, you have already formed a flower!


Step 4. For another small octagon around the flower, and fill it with small and big circles. They don’t need to be perfect. Just doodle and enjoy!

Step 5. Then form a cone shape with horizontal lines. See the encircled section, in red.

Step 6. Fill the empty spaces of the cone shape with diagonal lines on the left first.


Step 7. Then continue filling the spaces of the cone with diagonal lines on the right. Do the opposite stroke this time.

Step 8. Again, draw single petals (with small ones on the sides) on each of the remaining empty spaces. Make small circles on both sides, then fill the next empty spaces with tiny circles.

Step 9. Make some swirls on the small circles that you made on Step 8.


Step 10. Finally, color the figure (optional). I used a red permanent marker on the dress and blue colored pencil on the water drips. To make it look like it’s raining, I also added rain drops and colored them blue, too!

For this artwork, you are able to draw a combination of Mandala and Zentangle. Quite an achievement for a beginner already, right?

By the way, this artwork was inspired by typhoon Ineng. As it was furiously hitting our place,  I was busy doodling in the bedroom with my daughters.

Please share your finished artwork if you happen to follow these steps. 🙂

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