Strict Rules Could Be Annoying!

As soon as I finished with my work duties this morning, I headed on to Banco De Oro to open an account. I brought my passport with me, old TIN and SSS, marriage certi, birth certi and report of marriage certi, but everything was issued and registered in the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain except for the TIN/SSS and birth certi. I was hoping I’d be able to open an account as how it went with Union Bank.

Situation No. 1 > Greeted the lady at the counter with all smile, handed my papers and told her “I would like to open an account please, a new one”. She asked for my valid ID, so I handed whatever I have over to her. The only problem was I still had my maiden name on my TIN and SSS. But I have my original marriage certi and amended passport showing my married name. She checked it with a certain Sir Alvin, shown my marriage certi. I overheard what “Sir Alvin” said “malay natin kung hindi tunay yang marriage certi”. Huwaaaat! Ano daw??!! Angas ah! I know they’re just doing their jobs but cmon, why would I fabricate such document, di naman siguro ako ganun kafrustrated magkaasawa! Hmp! Anyway, as soon as I heard him said that I butted in and said, “Ah, Sir Alvin (stressing on the Sir!), may authentication po yan sa likod, stamped and sealed sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs ng Bahrain”, aba’t may katwiran pa din sya “eh Arabic ho ito eh!” Goodness gracious! To end the discussion, I said thank you and walked out!

Situation No. 2 > I, then, thought of going to SSS. Got in the jeepney and went to SSS. Unfortunately, there was a brownout in that area until 1pm. When the security guard asked me what do I need, I simply answered “ID po”. He then said “Ay naku ma’am bugged po ang ID system, sa August pa po ulit pwede”. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!??? Pag minamalas ka talaga!

Since Smart Office is just beside SSS, I double checked if there’s more faster speed than what I have with Smart Bro. Unfortunately, they don’t have and there’s no way to upgrade it! 🙁

Situation No. 3 > My last hope was to get a postal ID. Went to the Post Office, another jeepney ride not knowing they had moved to another place. I had to search and walk a little. When I got there I asked how many photos are required, the lady said “two”. I searched for photo IDs in my wallet and found two different photos. One is smaller which is enough for the form, and the 2×2 for the ID itself. I was about to fill it up when the lady said “Ay naku Miss, di pwede yan nakasalamin ka”. My golly! I begged but it didn’t work! Haaaaay!

Ayun! I went home without anything accomplished! Bumili na lang ako ng donuts sa Dunkin’ to console myself! Hmp! Tapos wala pang mabiling gatas ni Deye! Hmp talaga! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I hate this day! Strict rules my a**!!!! If I know, some people would just give them something under the table, and that’s it! I know not everyone is like that but most of them are! So sorry but that’s the truth! Strict rules could be annoying at times especially when you most needed it, that’s when it happens! *sigh*

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