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Strike A Pose!

Every time my 22 month-old daughter sees me holding a camera, she would definitely strike different poses as I click it! And that urged me to find great modeling posing ideas. Many of my friends and relatives tell me “She could be the next Sushmita Zen. You’ll never know…”

Some of you might still don’t know, my daughter has an Indian blood. We all know that there were Indian beauties who have reigned Miss Universe titles already. Well, if she has the potentials to be like one of ’em, I won’t stop her. I will support her. I don’t care if people will tag me as “stage mother”. So what? All mothers are, I guess… Agree??? If you do, well then good! 😉 I’m sure we will get along well, very well… Hahaha!


  • mk

    hahaha natawa ko dito! as in huh? camera means pose agad sa kanya? hahaha no doubt about it sis! her face wud certainly launch a thousand barko all over the globe! love the photos =)

    Yup, ang nakakainis lang ayaw titingin sa camera panay lang ang pamewang! :p


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