Students Misbehaving In Public

I went out this afternoon for some errands and on my way back home, there were 5 college students in the jeepney with me. They all look freshmen to me. When we stopped near the filling station to load passengers, there was this American lady who got in the jeepney. And she said “bayad” sounded like “beyad” as she gave her fare. The female student was so nice to extend her hand and got her “beyad”. I really thought she was helping. Guess what this student did? She told the driver “BEYAD daw!!!” so loud. I wanted to strangle her really!!!!

With this student (How do I know? Well,  they were all in uniform.), there was a couple and the way the female was sitting leaning on her boyfriend (I assume) looks like she hasn’t been in her bed for the longest time that she wanted to go right there at that moment. My goodness!

They seemed not to care! I wonder how they behave in the campus. *sigh* I don’t remember any of my friends (including me) misbehaving that way during our time. Time has changed! Proven!

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  1. yup! people are crazy…pero…i can’t say i blame them cuz i have received slights from American’s, too… they look down at me and are surprised when “I speak good English and I’ve only been in America for a few months” plus they are also surprised that I know a lot of computer stuff kahit hindi techie…you know simple things lang like Ctrl s, Ctrl v and all the basics! hehehehe

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  2. My friend and I had a similar experience. Instead of “bayad,” my friend said “para” but the driver did not hear her. A girl said “para” for us but in a mocking manner. What is up with them?!

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