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Surgery And A Dream

If you have all the money to spend for a plastic surgery, would you do it?“, I asked my friend. She said why not, as long as they’ll make me look better…

We’re really the opposite. I don’t think I would as I’m scared of the side effects. Besides, I am contented of what and how God created me. Unless, it’s really needed like meeting an accident that made my face deformed, but then again the surgery has to be performed by trusted and professional people like the Washington DC cosmetic surgeons. That would also mean a chance to visit Washington DC hahaha!

My friend laughed about it and asked me “Are you after the surgery or you just want to go to the US?” I smiled and chose the last one. Well, I’m not really after going to the US to stay, maybe a short visit will do… for a change. In the meantime, I’ll keep on dreaming…. Hahaha!

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